Cloth Nappy Fit Guide

How to Fit Your Reusable Cloth Nappy

Here, we provide you with a simple guide to achieve the perfect fit for your baby's cloth nappy. Follow these step-by-step instructions to ensure your little one stays comfortable and dry throughout the day.

It is normal for it to take a few goes before you get the right fit. It's also important to note that not every brand fits the same, so while you may have the fit down pat for another brand, when you try a different brand, the settings and the way it sits can be different.

Have a little play around to find out what setting works best for you and your baby.

1. Prepare the Nappy

Choose your desired height for the rise snaps (you can adjust this later if you're unsure). Arrange the inserts based on your needs; for boys, concentrate absorbency towards the front, and for girls, focus on the middle. Then, place the inserts inside the pocket.

2. Position the Nappy

Position the nappy under your baby so that the back elastic is almost in line with the belly button (just below it). Pull the front of the nappy up through the crotch and smooth it across their waist.

3. Fasten

Fasten one side by engaging the hip snap first, followed by the wait snap. Simply choose the setting where it naturally aligns.

4. Secure

Secure the other side using both the hip snap and waist snap. It's perfectly fine to use different settings for each side if needed.

5. Excess Fabric

Push any excess fabric upwards around the rise snaps area. This not only keeps it neat and flat but also ensures the leg elastics are positioned correctly along the underwear line.

6. Leg Elastics

Run your fingers along the leg elastics to ensure they are snugly fitted right where underwear would sit. If there are any gaps, consider adjusting either the rise setting or waist snaps to close the gap.

7. Two Finger Gap

Ensure that you can comfortably fit two fingers at the tummy area to confirm it's not overly snug.

8. Pull up Sides

Pull up each side of the nappy to make sure the wings are sitting above the thigh and that it’s covering your baby’s bum crack.

9. Done!

You're all set! Now, enjoy that adorable little bottom!

Common Fit Issues

If you've followed the instructions above but are still encountering fit-related challenges, don't worry. Below, we've outlined some common fit issues along with suggestions to help you troubleshoot and achieve a more comfortable and effective fit for your baby's cloth nappy.

Keep in mind that if you remain uncertain or overwhelmed, our team is always here to offer assistance and guidance. Please don't hesitate to reach out to us for the support and advice you need.

  • Deep, red marks - Try letting the rise out so it gives more space around the legs. Usually when this happens it will mean you come in at the waist a little bit. It's important to note that marks that go away shortly after taking the nappy off are ok (we liken them to marks you would get from wearing socks). If you are still experiencing red marks after trying this, it could be related to an absorbency issue where the elastics are getting wet and then rubbing on your babies skin. In this case, try adding some more absorbency in the wet zone or changing more frequently.

  • Bum crack sticking out - Try letting the rise out which will enable the nappy to come up higher at the back, providing more coverage. It's likely that when you do this, you will come in at the waist a little.

  • Gaps at the legs - Try going down a rise setting to make the leg hole smaller. In doing this, you may need to go out at the waist a little.

  • Leaks - If you believe your nappy fit is adequate but are experiencing issues with leaks occurring sooner than 2-3 hours, we recommend visiting our "Why Am I Getting Leaks?" page for further insights and solutions.